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Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm way behind in my posting so my plan is to post a month by month catch up post :) ill start with August...

Caleb had his neuro appt, and he does have a form of craniosynostosis. The form he has is Doliochocephaly. The good news is that only one of the sutures is closed & the tests showed now pressure on his brain, meaning his skull is allowing for brain growth and he won't be needing the surgery!! Woot!!

My poor garden. We got like 2 weeks straight of rain & my entire garden died!! I thought It would be okay since it was in a raised bed, but I was wrong. Live & learn eh?

We went out camping with some friends of mine; Hilary, Juan, and Brandii. Hilary and juan have 2 little boys, Mateo who is Ty's age, and issac who is a year younger. And Brandii has a little girl Blaike who is Ty and mateos age. My grandma Cheryl (Gigi) watched Caleb while we took all of the kids down to Galveston and camped out. The kids all had a blast. It ended up raining that night so Hilary and Juan and their kids jumped ship and headed to a hotel, while me and Brandii stayed and held down fort. Well it's a good thing Hil and Juan left because my tent ended up flooding and me and Ty went and slept in theirs!! Haha.

We took the boys to chuck e cheese for the first time, and they both had a blast!!!

Our friends Michael and Kim got married. And as sober as he was (literally he was completely sober) Paul ended up in a dress that night!! And yes, we got picture proof of it!

Bloggers app sucks when it comes to downloading pictures, so they will be at the bottom of this post until I can get on from a pc and fix it & add the other pictures that are on my pc.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Not as in the clear as we thought

So today we had Caleb's neurosurgery appt. It was just supposed to be a follow up from his last appt 3 months ago.... you know, hey how you doing? oh he looks great, right on track, now go home and don't come back. well not so much. They did a 3d image of his head, compared it to his last one 3 months ago, and decided his head is getting worse rather than better. The dr said his head should be at an almost 'normal' shape by now, but instead he has formed a flat spot at the crown of his head and a bulge at the base.... so now we have an appt on Aug. 8th in the morning to get a CT scan done (poor fella is going to have to be sedated :( ), then at 1 that afternoon we are meeting with the neurosurgeon and the plastic surgeon who will be doing the surgery if that's what they decide is needed during our consultation. So if you're reading this and have a close relationship to the man upstairs, I ask that you put in a small prayer for Caleb that all turns out okay and he doesn't have to have this surgery.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Our garden is growing pretty good this year, esp considering that for the last 2 years the only thing it grew was weeds HAHA! we've gotten 3 buckets of green beans so far, and our cucumbers and tomatoe's are just now starting to bloom.
 on the left against the trellis are the tomato's, and on the right are the cucumbers. and then everything against the front of the box is green beans.

same here, the left against the trellis is cucumbers, and the right is cucumbers, and the stuff in the front is green beans. However the big empty space you see in the middle, is where I have just planted our broccoli, so we don't have anything sprouting there yet. Now if i can just keep the darn dog out of the garden, we should be set!

Happy 4th of july!

Happy independence day americans :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I've recently started couponing! I was kind of scared to start in on it because it seems soooo over whelming when you first start, but i quickly got the hang out of! Here is just a few of my brags:
Here is my first ever couponing experience. 1 big box of pampers diapers size 4, one jumbo bag of huggies slip on diapers size 3, 2 boxes of kotex tampons, 4 cases of pepsi, 2 colgate tooth pastes, 2 colgate 360 tooth brushes, 2 bags of beef jerky, 6 bags of candy, and a bottle of tide. all of a total of.......$3.03!!!! yes you read that right! After this shopping trip, i was on a couponing high as my friend Christina (the one who really got into couponing) calls it! BTW I can't thank her enough!

Another one of my hauls: 2 bottles of Pantene (one shampoo, one conditioner) 3 pack of physicians formula eye liner, physicians formula eye shadow; has 9 different shades in it, Naunce hair product, cover girl base, cover girl powder, and 2 Hawaiian tropics taning oil.... all of a total of....... $12.21. That out of pocket expense was kind of high, because I lost a $6 extra care bucks and a $3 coupon, which i later found.

another one of my hauls:  2 jumbo packs of pampers, 1 jumbo pack of huggies, 2 bottles of pantene (one shampoo, one conditioner, 2 biore face washes, 1 bottle of nail polish, 1 revlon eye shadow, and a shick razor (i bought all of this going out of town to austin and didn't take the pic until i got back, so some of it has been opened/used) all for.......$3.53 :)

I have another transaction to do this coming sunday when the new sale comes out in which i will be getting:  
2 Aussie (1 shampoo, 1 conditioner), 4 garnier fructis (2 shampoos, 2 conditioners), 2 garnier fructis stylers, venus & olay razer, colgate manual tooth brush, kotex tampons, listerine zero all for completely FREE!!!! So stay tuned for my couponing experiences :)

Visiting Family

We went up to Austin this past weekend. We were supposed to leave Wednesday night, but Ty was being a complete spaz, so we left Thursday early morning, stopped in La Grange and had breakfast with my grandma Cheryl, packed her stuff into my car then headed out to Austin! We swam (Ty even let me take off his puddle jumper and help him swim without it! he even went down the slide and under the water without it, major proud mama moment there!!), ran, jumped in bouncy houses, played some croquet, saw some horses, rode on the golf cart, and played hard in general. Every night we were there, Ty was passed out by 6pm on his own! (granted the first night we were there he had a seizure, and he's always out of sorts for a few days afterwards) This is the child that will usually fight me tooth and nail to go to sleep because he's just so sure that he is missing out on something.

 (Ty made a pallet on the floor and just went to sleep)
 Caleb on the other hand, who is always happy to be in bed my 6pm and not wake up until 9 or 10am, didn't sleep for poo the entire trip. Long story short, he ended up sleeping on the floor the whole time (on a blanket) because that's the only way that I could get him to go to sleep, and stay that way once i left the room. It made for a long trip but all in all we had fun. On our way back, we broke up the trip by staying at my grandma's for a night, then finishing driving the next day after lunch time. Both the boys we so happy to see Paul when we got home.

(Eating Watermelon by the pool)
(Ty was so tired, he fell asleep at the restaurant in my lap!)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

hot date night

So tonight me and Paul got his mom to watch the boys for what was supposed to be a few hours. We were going to go out to eat, then see a movie. We dropped the boys off at his moms house about 6:30, went to a resturant about 10 min away, & sat down. we got our drinks around 7, and ordered our food. I kid you not, as soon as the waiter left with our order, Paul got a call to come into work. They told him he just needed to weld some crush pins on a few different things and it should take about 5 min. Paul told them he had just sat down to eat, but would be there as soon as he could. We ate our food then headed out to his work which was about 20 min away from where we were and he got to workin'. Remember that "5 minute job"? Yea it turned into a nearly 4 hr job! So needless to say our date night went down the drain. But I guess as long as we were together its still a date night right? haha.

I don't know about where y'all are, but it has been hotter than hot here! It hit 105 yesterday, with no heat index. In our garage it was 110! I have a feeling that this year will be much like last year, long hot summer, and a warm "winter". sigh.